Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall dreamer

More of that leafy stuff..
You know I can't help but do some photoshop playing;)
After all, I can't sit all night on ebay.. (just a little bit of insomnia).
I walk around and photograph trees and leaves all the time, so I'm pretty sure the blog will be pretty fall- full before the winter comes.


Karoline said...

Beautiful fall photos!

YoQueSe said...

Lovely pics!


Dannie said...

beautioful, beautiful autumn! i cant beleive im sayign this but im actualyl excited its here

C.Chico said...

the photos came out awesome. i love to mess with photoshop =)

Maria said...

utrolig fine bilder! det er så fine farger ute nå :)

potolou said...

kjempe fine bilder!