Friday, September 4, 2009

Wind in my hair

Summer is definitely over. Grey clouds cover the sky, and warm rays f sun has been replaced by chilly wind. Is it just me, or is autumn a sentimental season? I get quite melancholic by watching green trees turn into orange, and then loose all of it's leaves entirely. I'm a firm believer in changes though, so fall is a good thing. It's actually a very fresh and beautiful time of the year. For those of us who has pollen allergies it feels like heaven to take walks in cold, rainy fall weather. I look forward to that. And I also look forward to wearing boots, leather jeackets, scarves, knits, hats and gloves. I just love gloves:)
Dresses and skirts with thick tights underneath. Coats. Oh yeah, I can totally imagine a lovely new season.
What about you? Are you ready for fall?


ingrid stasi said...

jeg er ikke klar for høsten enda, men ikke så mye å gjøre med det :/ merker jeg liker meg bedre om sommeren i varmen, og jeg hater mørket om høsten.
fint bilde!! :)

all that sparkles might be sequins said...

great photo :)
I love fall! you get too wear heavy lairs and materials, big coats, hats and gloves and amazing colored trees! Rain on the window when you sleep...cocoa :)

Maria said...

for et kult bilde!! nydelig