Sunday, July 12, 2009

Frozen fire



jewelry box



I'm not really a jewelry person, but recently I've been trying to use more of that shiny stuff.
These are crystals that I bought in a store that I just love to come into, it's a small shop full of crystals and of course it smells of insense meters away. Whenever I go there I get this overwhelming feeling from all the energy, and I can stay for quite a while looking at all the pretty crystals and stones.
Did you know that crystals have healing powers? Haha, they do! At least I like to think so.
People who knows about this stuff call the crystals "frozen fire". These two are my summer picks. The big one is red Quartz which makes you think postive and gives you vitality and energy. The smaller one is Aquamarin which helps against allergies (much needed for me in summertime). You can get crystals with holes in them, but i prefer to put them in "cages" like this to hang them on chains.
Quite hippie- pretty I think:)

Crystals from Pachamama and chain from Thomas Sabo.


Hippie, hippie - milkshake said...

Nydelige krystaller. Har du fetet dem til smykket selv?
ELSKER PACHAMAMA. har en i nabolaget her der jeg har kjøpt stener og ringer....

kirstyb said...

Love this post xoxoxox

Raez said...

very pretty:) theyre amazing!

cocorosa said...

ohhh I like these and I love them in the cages!! Im so going to look up the cristals now :)

Marit said...

Du er så flink!
Bildene dine er kunstverk.
Elsker denne bloggen.
Og så kjøper du mye rimelig tøy som du tilsammen utgjør fantastiske antrekk.
Du viser at man ikke trenger å bruke verken mye penger eller tilbehør.
Sånn sett jobber du for miljøet, jeg tipper du har mange faste lesere.

HEK said...

Marit: Tusen takk for hyggelige ord! Det er mye pga av lesere som deg at det er gøy å blogge:)

You other girls: Thanks, glad you like!

Lise said...

Utrolig fine smykker!! Elsker sånne butikker også..