Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Paris Fashion Week: BLACK

Givenchy f/w 2009
Shoe from Givenchy f/w 2009

Hussein Chalayan f/w 2009

Givenchy f/w 2009

Karl Lagerfeld f/w 2009

Keeping track on what's happening on the runways in Paris on style.com, I'm starting to notice a huge trend: Black and strict, kinda scary and pretty futuristic. There are several designers that has made really strong black looks for fall 09. YES! I'm thrilled, I love dark and edgy, and this turn in fashion feels so satisfying for me. I'm not really a floral person to put it like that, neither do I fancy the sexy sort of styles where a lot of skin is showing. I don't think that women should dress for anyone but our selves. What I would like us girls to express through fashion is strength, elegance, creativity, individualism and independentness. And of course FIERCENESS! He he.. I've been loving the darkness, and the goth glam trends we've seen this winter, and I'm quite excited to see that the designers have continued to build on the black wave. What makes me even more extatic is the focus on shoulders. What can I say, I'm an 80's child...

What do you think guys, does the f/w 09 collections actually make you look forward to next winter?


The Clothes Horse said...

That first shoe is so gorge. Black is definitely growing on me and it will always be the official color of Paris.

Anthea said...

Wow love these looks I am going to be doing a Paris Fashion Week Recap soon too! Love your blog want to link exchange??!

Cassiopeia said...

Great post. Scary black indeed. My eccentric, colourfull style's gonna come a cropper soon methinks ;-D



maali-lifestyle said...

that. is. hot.


Benedicte said...

aaah<3 gi meg skoene NÅ! :D

produit frais said...

I love love the Gyvenchy shoe!

Stacy said...

You can never own enough black now can you.