Sunday, March 8, 2009

On Womans Day



I'm wearing a feathered scarf from Zara, shirt from Voice, jeans from H&M, boots from Din sko, DIY bracelet.

Today was 8. March, the International Womans Day. In Oslo there's been demonstrations. The demonstration in focus was about the Hijab (head garment that covers some Muslim womens hair). It's been an issue lately, and the interest of this matter seems to be escalating, everyone is talking about it. The big discussion has been wether or not female police officers should be allowed to wear a Hijab with their police uniform. Believe it or not, but this head piece has caused a lot of discussion in Norway lately. So I was watching the news, and they showed the demonstration. There were young girls shouting together "don't make fun of my Hijab!" (roughly translated), and at the same time a Muslim woman were burning her Hijab. So it seems that in todays feminism, in modern Norway, what women are fighting over is this head piece, and of course what it stands for.

Personally i think everyone should be able to choose for them selves what to wear. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be that simple. Maybe we should all just be more tolerant.


Maria said...

I love your outfit so much. Feathers!

And I think your pictures is such a nice contrast to the whole hijab-struggle and 8. March. Liberated woman!

Cassiopeia said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous scarf... And I totally agree with you on the tolerance side of things. Just because I wouldn't want to wear a hijjab because my beliefs don't mesh, doesn't mean I can't understand how people might be motivated to feel that way if their religious or cultural beliefs are such. I don't think it's indoctrination, and think it's important to celebrate not supress difference, not try to make everyone one homogenised westernised hyper-sexualised mass... How boring would that be? ;-D


Vintage Me New You said...

You look amazing, the skinny jeans look great on you!
best wishes:)

E said...

I'm such a fan of this outfit. I love how you layered this scarf over the white button-down. The whole thing just goes together so well!

Guruizzm said...

Wow fantastiske bilder!
Du har nok rett, men desverre er ikke verden slik!

Jessica said...

gosh! you look gorgeous!!

i love these pictures!

the scarf is super cute - Zara is definitely my go-to place for adorable accessories.

Would you like to swap links?

janettaylor said...

i love your hair style and your skinny jeans.

Thank you for your lovely comment and check this out, if you have a mood.

Have a great day!
xoxo: Janet

Rachel said...

gorgeous, absolutly LOVE the scarf!
Thank you for your comment. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Lekker skjerf!

Privat synes jeg jenter kan gå med hva de vil, så lenge de ikke blir presset til det. Politiet er en helt annen sak, der er det jo uniformer, og om man ikke vil slutte å bruke hijab, burde man heller satse på en annen yrke der man kan gå med det man vil. Akkurat som den stereotypiske motebloggerjenta med 15 cm heler og korte kjoler burde justere litt på antrekket om hun skal jobbe i politiet. Om å ikke nevne at en skjerf rundt hode og halsen kan bli farlig om man jobber i en passe aktivt yrke.

Ellers så lurer jeg om hvordan folk reagerer på jenter som bruker skjerf rundt hode som mote. Den klassiske Grace Kelly og Jackie Onassis stilen. Alt av hodeplagg anses jo nesten på en religiøs måte nå. Husker mamma gikk ofte med en silkesjerf rundt hodet når det ble litt kjølig om høsten, men sluttet med det når det ble så mye styr rundt hijab overalt.

Couture Carrie said...

You look absolutely gorgeous, darling! Love the scarf so!


Nora said...

Nydelige bilder :)

Hugs and kisses

Victoria C said...

great boots girl
happy womens day - wish the whole world would just get a little more tolerant.
i think i've said it before but you're totally gorgeous girl!

grace said...

in total agreeance with you and cassiopeia. tolerance is the key to almost everything in my life, at least recently! variety and an understanding and appreciation for it is essential to everything working in PRODUCTIVE harmony- be it clothing on the runway or interational relations or even the communication between members of a tiny religious sect.

on an unrelated note, FEATHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYY!


Malin said...

I lovelovelove your outfit! Do you know if they still have that scarf on Zara?

HEK said...

Thank you all for your comments! Made me really happy to read them:)

Cassiopeia: I like the way you put it. Why would anyone want us all to be the same?:)

labelleetlaitgirl: I think you have some good points. At the beginning of the "Hijab in police discussion" I was against it, cause I thought that it's a uniform and it should look the same on all officers. Also I thought that the Hijab might be in the way of sight and hearing in critical situations. But now that I have been thinking about it for some time I have changed my mind. Society is changing, so maybe the police uniforms should to? I'm sure that if representatives from the Muslim community, the Police and a good designer came together they would be able to come up with a solution that everyone could live with. Don't you think? What if we could meet at the middle? The Hijab could be designed to blend in with the uniform, and maybe it could fit so that ears wouldn't have to be covered? I don't know, but I think the discussion is about more than a head garment, because if that was all it's about it shouldn't be that difficult.

grace: I like your thinking, wish everyone could have that filosophy:)

Malin: Yes, I think you can still get the scarf on Zara, I'm pretty sure, cause I just bought it last week. 249 kr. :)

Have a great day all:)

Anonymous said...

I want that scarf! Never seen something like it!!!