Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alexander McQueen and Tim Burton

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Am I the only one who thinks of Tim Burton movies when I look at the Alexander McQueen f/w 09 collection?
Those of you who know my taste by now probably aren't suprised that I LOVE the collection. I've always liked Alexander McQueen, I mean, of course.. And now I adore him even more. I love Tim Burton movies too, especially the ones with Johnny Depp in the cast. ;) I hope you guys don't mind that I posted some pictures of Mr. Depp here too? He he, didn't think so..

All catwalk photos are from Alexander McQueen f/w 2009, by
Movie pictures are from Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd and Sleepy Hollow.


Yamila said...

Hi! How are you, my darling??!

I have one word for this: luxury!!
it's excelent!

We like the elegance and luxury too!

Cassiopeia said...

amaaaaaaaazing! i don't go in for black and leather much, but that first runway detail is to DIE for... would so give up colour to wear this collection hehe.


Dominica said...

you're SO right !
Love the leather belt 'thing' around her waist ...

Vintage Me New You said...

this is amazing, you picked the right photos, very interesting connection:)
have a nice day!


maali-lifestyle said...

wow. amazing.
edward scissorhands<3


Skumfidus said...

Haha smart sammenligning! Litt creepy, men også litt kult!

Anonymous said...

I love Alexander McQueen too. He is so innovative and his collections are as if he fashioned them for a fantasy movie. :-D