Monday, January 19, 2009


Taking the metro

Jeg har ønsket meg et polaroid kamera lenge, derfor synes jeg det var veldig kult å oppdage Poladroid. Det er et program hvor man kan legge inn vanlige bilder, for å få de til å se ut som polaroid bilder. Det er veldig enkelt, og gøy.
Disse bildene er av Ruby og meg på T- banen. Vi foretrekker å kjøre kollektivt, for vi er nemlig miljøbevisste. :)

I have been wanting a Polaroid camera for a long time, that's why it was very cool to discover Poladroid. It's a program where you can upload your ordinary photos, to make them look like polaroids. It's very simple, and fun.
These pictures are of Ruby and me on the Metro. We prefer to travel collectively, because we are environmental aware. :)


Nincompoop said...

fine bilder :)

Yamila said...

beautiful, simple and nice.
i love these colours, it's a perfect composition.

Good Clothes.

The Clothes Horse said...

Your outfit is awesome. I really like the first pic. Good thing this site was created, what with Polaroid ending and everything.

Nil said...

Wow it looks great! Thanks for sharing :)

Dominica said...

I've been searching for this site for weeks ; do you have the link to customize your pics into polaroids ??

They look so much more special with the white frame don't they ?
Great shots !!
I like the one with the moving train the best !

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

i love polaroids as well, would love to have one myself, they are so authentic in their imaging

Laverne said...


Have you given a thought to reviewing some fashion brands for me? Your opinion would be appreciated.

Kind Regards

HEK said...

Just click on the pink word "Poladroid" and you'll get straight to the site:)

maali-lifestyle said...

oh, i love polaroid cameras! :)
cool pictures x

ingrid said...

fine bilder

MelodyS said...

love the outfit.
love the polaroids.
love your dog.

the factualist said...

Thanks you for this tip !

btw your blog rock, keep going on posting high quality txts & pictures.