Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fur is for animals


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"The measure of a society can be how well its people treat its animals."
-Mahatma Gandhi
These last days there have been a lot of focus on use of fur in Norwegian media. Horrible pictures have been shown from Norwegian fur farms, and in politics they discuss if that industry should be illegal. I'm not going to post heartbreaking photos, neither am I going to talk politics. I could write for hours about the subject, cause it's something that I'm passionate about, but I'm not going to preach to you guys. All I want to say is that I wish everyone will take some time to think about animals. Just think about them. They are living creatures with needs and hearts, just like you and me. But on the contorary of humans they do no wrong. I just think it's very important that we protect them.We can't have animal abuse in a siviliced society.
If you are in Norway, please consider to join one of the torch rallys at the 13. November.
And please join this facebook group.
Ruby says thank you on behalf of the animals! :)


dagens outfit said...

jeg skal gå i toget!

Destiny said...

ohh I totally agree with you. I am in the same opinion. We don't need real fur. I still can't believe it is used in fashion industry so much! I rather carry an real animal around than just their fur. Its ridiculous!
Love animals and dogs so much!

Anonymous said...

Faux Fur looks great!!!!!!! If I needed REAL FUR, I'd just walk my 90 lb doberman around as my sidekick :)!