Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The most beautiful ring in the world

ysl artsy ring

Yves Saint Laurent "Arty" rings..

When bloggers all over the world threw themselves over the gold ones with blue and turquoise stones, I was jealous. But these... They are so, so good! If I have to see them on someone elses hands I'll be crushed. Haha...I'm kidding of course. (No I'm not)

Green and black..with sexy.



skeleta said...

wow those are gorgeous... I must save for one.

Tonje said...


Cecilie said...

ajajaj den grønne var bare dødslekker!

hezha said...

oh de er såå fine!

Fam Skjæveland said...

Den nydelige ringen i sølv og grønt ble med meg hjem fra New York. Elsker den :)

Elina said...

im love with these rings. i would die for have one in gold with blue stone.