Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We kill for fun

Nicolas Andreas Taralis f 2010.

Sorry about the headline. I just couldn't resist, I mean look at these people. They are dangerous!
So now we're talking. Milan fashion week and I found only two collections I felt like blogging about (told you it wasn't my favourite fashion week). But then came Paris. Which kinda always is my favourite fashion week, at least the one I look forward to the most. Excited like the little geek that I am. So first day of Paris, and the first collection to get on Style, and I'm already liking it. Let's forget for one moment that we are waiting for spring and longing for light colours, and pretend it's fall, and we all know we get cravings for black in fall.


The Man from Amsterdam said...

Wow! Love this image and their styles.
You're right the Headline goes well with what I see haha!

Clara said...

wow lovely post
your blog is great!

Marte Øverås said...

I agree, Paris is much better than Milan fashion week =)

Molly said...

I'll always love black...especially lil black dresses :D hey but who doesnt lol.

The Style Of Vintage said...

thats hot

linda said...


sanjeet said...

You're right the Headline goes wel
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