Thursday, March 4, 2010

More from the dark side

Gareth Pugh fall 2010.

Of course I love this. Of course.
I think he has toned down his designs a bit, some of these looks are really just chic and very wearable. I read that he was inspired by art deco, and I'm amazed cause when I knew that I could see the influence, but I would never have guessed when I first saw the collection. And that's pretty genius of Gareth Pugh I think, he can take an inspiration source and do something completely new with it. Season after season this guy delivers incredible collcetions. Gareth Pugh is at least one of my favourite top 3 designers.


Diya said...

can we say... TEXTURE??? damn, he's good.

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Inspire the Starling said...

He's in my top 3 also...maybe even at the number 1 spot!? I do love this collection, but I hope he doesn't continue to tone down his work each season - I love his daring work

Anonymous said...

loved this line.