Friday, February 5, 2010


Just saw this on Fashion Gone Rogue, and died a bit.

Most gorgeous pics I've seen in a long time.
They're taken by Jacques Dequeker.

So it's Friday, and are you looking forward to the weekend? I'm guessing yes:)
I know I am, we're doing a family celebration tomorrow, 3 of us have birthdays this Month, so we're getting together to eat some fantastic food. 3 Aquariuses in the family..Haha. (If you know your atrology you'll understand what kind of family we are, I guess. The other guys, the not-aquariuses, just have to deal with us, poor people.)
And today I'm having some fun too. I'm sewing, and it's been a while since last time. Making a skirt. Hopefully I'll show it to you tomorrow. If I don't screw it up that is..
Also the next couple of weeks are packed with fun. Next weekend I'm having a party, then there is fashion week here in Oslo. Yup, it will be.

Hope you'll have a wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

ughhhhhhh! I want to go to Oslo Fashion Week! Can't wait to see your sewing project, Hek!

amalie said...

gorgeous pictures - jeg vil til oslo fashion week! men vi har skolerevyyy !

Lilisfashion said...

LOVE the first pic, absolutely gorgeous!

fashion doll said...

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diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg, gorgeous!!! That first picture took my breath away x

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kaitlyn said...

looove this.