Thursday, February 4, 2010

Inspiration: Draped

I've bought myself meters of meters of soft fabrics, and can't wait to get my fingers on them. Have so many ideas and designs I want to put to life. Im thinking of doing a maxi skirt, a short skirt, some cool pants and tops maybe.
I can tell you there will be some drapes. And natural colours. I want that soft feel.
I'm feeling very inspired by this Burberry Prorsum collection, we want sophisticated drapes like this, don't we? Oh, yes we do.


Amber said...

love it!!
xoxo amber

Maria said...

Super-enig i dette innlegget! Kommer til å bli veldig mye inspirert fremover i vår av burberry p tror jeg! åh så fine farger og draperinger. spent på å se hva du kommer til å lage :)

Damsels said...

i think very trendy and hard to pull off .. tough to find pieces like these

Ara said...

åh så vakkert! Soft og lekkert for øye, og soft og lekkert å ha på virker det som. :)