Thursday, February 11, 2010

Louise Amstrup

I wish I was in Copenhagen right now.. Denmark has so many great designers, and also Copenhagen is one of my favourite cities. Copenhagen and
Anyway, today I'm reading all the blogs to get updates from Copenhagen Fashion Week, and I love what I've seen from Louise Amstrup. Especially the aquarelle-ish printed silk, so beautiful. Can't wait to see the whole collection.
These pictures are from Anywho and Lilisfashion.
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Ddays Of Our Lives said...

This collection seems to be really intesting!

Ash Fox said...

gorg collection!


divine bunny said...

pretty pretty

love the styling for this runway show too.

your site is divine!

Karoline said...


RIP McQueen.

Veronique said...

Just nu har jag "Veronique tipsar" på min blogg! Ta gärna en titt och se om du hittar något användbart! :)

Erica said...

beautiful shirts