Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today it is shimmering

Slowly but surely the light is returning.

Next week I'll do some outfit posts again. Then I'll get to see my bf before it's too dark outside. You see, he's been working a lot. Not that I can blame that for not doing any outfits pictures though.. I've also looked like crap. You kow I have no problems with showing you my very casual daily style, but I'm pretty sure you would not like to see me in my huge wool slippers and even bigger knitted sweaters. Cause that's how it's been like lately. That's all I've been wearing, only accompanied by cups of tee, or hot chocolate.
I feel like it's time to wake up now. Put on a bit of mascara at least, and meet the world a little bit more awake. Next Month is my birthday, and It's kind of a dreaded one. I'm not telling you how old I am, unless you can guess? hehe;) So I figured I need to pull myself together, so that I wont feel like an old scarecrow and get some sort of panic on my day. Booked an appointment at my hairdresser, and also now I'm planning a birthday party. Suddenly I'm just a big optimist, thinking that the rest of this winter will be fantastic.
And then there is spring, and spring is always amazing:)

Have a great weekend, lovelies!


amalie said...

fine bilder! jaa ser at solen forsiktig titter fram. gleder meg til våren!

Dominica said...

snow always provides that something x-tra on pics !

Inspire the Starling said...

There has been a ton of snow here in London the past few weeks and it's been amazing. Sadly now the big thaw has hit and everything is wet and rainy again...these pictures remind me of those romantic scenes. Happy Weekend! x

Anonymous said...

Så utrolig fine bilder :)
Gleder meg til å se nye antrekk :)

Nené said...

Nydelige bilder, synes bloggen din er helt herlig :)