Friday, January 8, 2010

Skin care: winter secrets

Are your face tired of the cold weather? It's easy to get dry, irritated, sore, tight or just dull skin during the winter months. I know all about it, cause I have pretty sensitive skin, and every winter I end up looking like, and feeling like crap. But even though your skin is normal, it needs extra care during the winter season. If the weather is cold where you are, you should use a cream that protects the skin, and maybe gives extra moisturisation. Also give your pretty face the treat of a moisture mask.

So, let me introduce to you my winter favourites! This is what I use on my skin these days.

MD Formulations Critical Care Skin Repair Complex
Serious skin healing! Just before Christmas my face was so dry and sore it actually made me depressed. I've tried a lot, but this baby really helps. This can be used as a serum, under a cream or alone. It can even be used on skin that's just been through rough stuff like chemical peels, and it helps the skin to heal faster. It gives lovely comfort, and deep hydration. I could see improval on my skin after only two days, and it keeps improving.
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MD Formulation Critical Care Shielding Creme
This is a moisturiser that protects the skin from the elements. It deeply hydrates and strenghtens the skin. The best moisturiser I've ever tried. It truly makes my skin feel relieved. Works well on sensitive skin also. I use this one over the one mentioned above.
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Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Mask
This is pretty intensive, and probably not the right mask for those with oily skin.
But if your skin do feels dry or a bit tight, this is like a little piece of heaven.
Imagine that you are really thirsty and haven't been drinking all day. Then you get a big glass of water. That's the best description I can give you on this one. It quenches the thirst. Only negative thing I can say about it, is that it makes the skin look a bit white right after use. But that evens out after a while. Just don't use it half an hour before attending the party of your lifetime;)
You can get it at Lookfantastic

Decleor Hydra Floral Moisturising Mask
This one works best on dehydrated, normal or combination skin. Can also be used on sensitive.
You can use it like a normal mask, and rinse it of. But the genius with this thing is that you can leave it on during the night. It will only feel like a rich moisturiser, but work like a mask while you are sleeping. Personally I use this in the warmer part of the year, but if your skin isn't extremely dehydrated this is definitely enough.
Smells divine!
You can get it on Feelunique

PS: None of these products are tested on animals. :)

All my skin care tricks I've learned from my skin care guru, Hilde Christina.
She's all sorts of amazing, check her out.


Jorunn said...

Så flotte tips... Nå har jeg sittet å sett gjennom hos den ebay selgeren.. Når jeg er ferdig å kjøpe bøker og ser hvordan jeg ligger ann pengemessig så kan det være det blir en tur igjen... Jeg har nemlig utrolig tørr hud.

Hilde Christina said...

:) :) :)