Monday, January 4, 2010

My style: 2009

Haha, so it's pretty wierd to look at that many pictures of one self.. (Excuse the bombardment). I'll say like I did in a post further down, 2009 will hopefully work as a foundation to make 2010 a better year.
When I started to blog, I never posted pics of myself. And wasn't planning to. Then I tried to learn to be more open;) My outfit posts have been pretty random, and my style has been random too. But now I actually have a plan, on how to build my wardrobe, and to make more of an effort on my everyday style. When you are ill everything just needs to be comfy. But now that I'm getting better I want to evolve stylewise too. You know, feel a little better, look a little hotter, haha:) Oh well, we'll see.

Favourites in 2009 has been striped tops, my pink pants, wedges, studded sandals and harems. My hair has gone through some stuff too, from long with heavy bangs, to shorter with outgrown bangs. Hehe, yeah that's nice. I know many girls are struggling with the same thing, where to put the bangs while it's growing? I think I'll start this new year by seeing my hair dresser, finally I think it's possible to make some sort of a due out of it.

I'm officially over 2009. So over it. Ready for the new and improved!

Ps. Special thanks to this guy for taking lots of photos during the year:)


Posh said...

Amazing collage, I like everything in it.. <3

Little Hannah! said...

This is a gorgeous collage!!!;)))

Dominica said...

I ♥♥♥ the collage !! How did you do that : poladroid ?