Saturday, December 26, 2009

My style: White Christmas

I hope everyone that was wishing for a white Christmas is happy now? :)
We sure do have enough of snow, and tonight we are expecting even more. I'm holidaying at my mothers, just relaxing and playing with the dogs. Ehem..and eating. I have gluten allergies, but my mom made me gluten free krumkaker (Christmas cakes), and now I've eaten the whole box.. That's what happend when you are not used to eating cakes. Oh well, some kilos of marzipan too of course. I don't eat meat like the rest of the family, so no rib for me, so I figured I'd make up for it in sugar;)

Christmas isn't about what kind of presents you get, so I wont talk much about that. But I will tell you that I got some warm stuff, like this green scarf, I got the cd I wanted (hehe, now I know who reads my blog) and another cool cd as well, and scented candles, among nice gifts. So now I have all I need to enjoy the rest of the holidays.

It's been really nice to hang out with the family. That's what it's all about, the people you love.
It's also about giving, and thinking of those who doesn't have everything. I could have done like many bloggers and given away calendar gifts in December, but I didn't. Sorry you guys, but I did something better. All the stuff that's been given to me through blogging and going to fashion events and PR agencies I gave away to "Alternative Christmas". That is an arrangement held for those who doesn't have somewhere special to go and celebrate. I had a whole bunch of makeup and products that I gift wrapped and handed to the good people who arranges this. Many people and also stores have donated gifts, and some lovely volunteers worked through the Christmas days and made it all possible. That is what's made me the most happy this Christmas, knowing that someone who needs it is taken care of.


The Owl's Closet said...

happy holidays! i love these pictures of u and ur dog! looks like u guys are having so much fun! what a wonderful way to give back through alternative christmas:) thx for sharing this link w/us. i'm sure the people who received ur gifts are very happy with their goodies! have a great weekend!

Cecilie said...

Herlige bilder av en vakker hvit jul =) Jeg er strålende fornøyd og har ogs slappet godt av hjemme til mor - og spist alt for mye hehe. Slik skal det være! Ha en fortsatt fin juleferie Ü

konsumwahn said...

åh.. jeg har jo nesten ikke vært ute fordi det er så kaldt.. nå må jeg komme meg ut!!

Benedicte said...

nydelige bilder! og elsket lillle bikkjusen!!! ååh sweet! god jul i stua!

amalie said...

ja jeg ble kjempegla når det kom snø! fine bilder, kjempesøt hund!

Ditte said...

You look great, and very sweet dog!! :)

Merry Christmas

thatsorad said...

My holidays rocked!!!

You and your puppy are so totaly adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ru.kurarin said...

alternative christmas sounds wonderful and you have beautiful, fun photos!

Jill said...

Great, Happy photos! Loved them! Happy Holidays, chica!

Little Hannah! said...

Nice winter photos!!!:)
Happy holidays!!!:))

Sandra said...

Masse mat og masse kos! Håper du har hatt en gledelig jul! Og godt nytt år!


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