Thursday, October 29, 2009


I know you are wondering.. Who made these amazing pieces of art?
These pretty things are scarfs and they are designed by the talented illustrator Artaksiniya. She also has a blog, wich is full of fun illustrations. To get how cool these scarfs really are you have to check out the details, there's intricate illustrations that's been kaleidoscoped. The scarfs are actually huge, and made of silky fabrics.
You can get one here.


Theme T said...

Wow! Ville gjerne hatt et likedant kunstverk hengende på veggen og jeg!

Yamila said...

Wow! Awesome! Very, very cool.

My fav: 1º & 2º.

Have a good friday. Yay!

Dominica said...

wow these look amazing !!
my fav = #3