Friday, October 30, 2009

From Russia with love

Churches from Kizji and Vytegra, Russia.

I see it as my duty to share it with you guys whenever I "discover" something beautiful. That's why I'm blogging Russian churches today. I saw the first one on a TV program the other day, and was totally fascinated. Had it on my mind for a couple of days, until I just had to google it. Then I also found the white one. So now I've been googleing Russian churches this Friday evening. I'm not surprised that they have incredible churches over there, but still...I'm just very impressed by these. The first one is from Kizji, an island in the Lake Onega. It's made of wood, and it really reminds me of traditional Norwegian architecture, except of the domes which is very excotic, and very Russian in my eyes. The two last ones are from the district of Vytegra.
I must go to Russia one day. It's definitly on my list of places to go.


thatsorad said...

how amazing it would be to see those in person! Love this post!! I know you will be posting another soon with you sanding in front of those buildings!


The Photodiarist said...

Thanks for sharing these. They are incredible, especially the second one.

Krimly* said...

woww, I was in Russia and I was impacted by the churches too, but I didn't see this old ones... they are so beautiful!