Friday, June 26, 2009


Young Michael Jackson

I don't think I'm alone when I say I'm in shock today..
It feels like someone I know has gone. I'm an 80's child, and I grew up listening to, and idolising, Michael Jackson. I remember how my brother and I used to practise the Moonwalk, and we had this video tape with the Thriller video recorded from MTV (or even Super Channel) that we just loved to watch. When the family were on road trips we always listened to MJ, I think he was one of the few artists that we all liked. Thriller was the favourite, especially the last part whith the scary laugh, that we had to listen to over and over again with total excitement. We also used to play the video game, Moonwalk on Sega. This was the time when red leather jackets with hudge shoulder pads seemed completely natural, and white gloves sold out on all the pharmacies.
Those were the days.
You can say whatever you want about Michael Jackson, but nobody can take away the fact that he's the geatest performer of this time. He's enriched our part of music history like no other.
And he will always be the King of Pop.

Here's one of my personal favourites:

Also really LOVE this one!
I could post many, many favourites I guess.. Sitting here remenissing over Michaels videos, and there's such an incredible ammount of fantastic music.
What's your favourite MJ song/ video?


Maverick Malone said...

RIP <3

Anonymous said...

Helt enig md deg! Jeg har selv mimret i hele dag, og foler virkelig at det noe ikke "stemmer". Men, men mannen har etterlatt seg fantastisk musikk og vil aldri bli glemt!

Maxie said...

that is hands down the best MJ video ever.

Dominica said...

Thriller ! Because this was the clip that started musicians making clips too and the power of videoclips since then has only gone upwards !
LOVED the little story behind the Thriller clip and I remember it was being presented as THE moment of that year and I couldn't wait to see it ...