Saturday, May 16, 2009

Shoe shopping


As you might have noticed I'm kinda obsessed with shoes these days.
So the other day, after I had been a such good girl and taken my allergy shot (even tho I'm afraid of needles),
I figured I deserved a price.
Hmmm, what to buy , what to buy..?
Of course. Shoes.

I can't afford little shoe orgasms from Balmain or Givenchy,
but I girl needs her heels and her studs.
These were very affordable and really comfy.

Shoes from Din Sko.


Cassiopeia said...

oooooh! pretty! i really need new shoes... sigh.


Anonymous said...

this are so gorgeous. very carrie bradshaw. i might have to try to find some:)

Yamila said...

Wooo!! So beautiful!!

I love it!

lauren said...

these are fantastic. i love studded heels!

mademoiselleb said...

And moreover, really nice.

M. and O. said...

The new blog of two fashionistas French, Olivia & Mariam, the next designer of this generation ;) hii come on !
help us to be famous ;) see ya, xoxo

amalie said...

de va kule. i love studs! x

Maria said...

Jeg tittet litt på de. Utrolig fine faktisk! Også var helen akkurat passe høy!

jiyapatel said...

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