Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hipp hurray, it's the national day!


The 17th of May. If you are not a Norwegian, let me explain.. Today is our national day. And what we do this particular day is that we get up early, dress up, iron the flags and walk in, or watch the 17th of May parade. The parade is mostly for the kids, and they all participate. In the Capital the Royal family are out on their balcony, waving to everyone. And all the cute little children sing the national anthem and shouts "hipp hipp hurraaaay!"

This particular year is extra special, cause yesterday Norway won the Eurovision Song Contest. Hehe, if you are not European you probably have no idea what this even is. It's a contest for all of Europe where every country has one song, and there's voting, and most of all crazy glitter and madness. Anyway.. We won, but not only did "we" win, we broke all records and got crazy good scores. And the cute boy sang a song that is kinda typical national romantic Norwegian, with traditional dancing and stuff. So this really woke the people up, and today some of the marching bands played that song.
Check out the song.

I was extremely tired today after a weekend with a little too much wine drinking. Friday I attended a Brandy concert, which was fun. Saturday, Eurovision.. Today, got up early to walk around a whole day (the most noisy day of the year) in heels.. I just couldn't get myself into a dress so I went pretty casual. We did the celebration in a smaller town where I have family, and it was very fun. :)

I'm wearing a jacket from Caroll that I bought in Paris, and waited untill now to use. Tee from Gina Tricot, jeans from Miss Sixty, pumps from DNA and a bag also from Paris, some random leather store. Necklace from Snø.


Yamila said...

So Cool!!!
I would like to be there!

Very nice picture! (i loved your shoes... so nice ! )

Dominica said...

Gongrats on winning the Songfestival !! Finally a country that has won fairplay this time ...I thought Hadise (she lives in Mol, Belgium and we've known her career for years here) has done pretty well although she was the entry for Turkey ...
So, hope you have a pretty fine day and not too much hangover-headache ;-O

kelse said...

cuuute outfit, love the colours together xx