Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Atelier Mayer

Pumps from the 1980's, Victor Costa striped dress from the 1960's, Givenchy dress from the 1980's

Harem pants by Yves Saint Laurent from the 1970's, Art Neuveau Earrings , Velvet black mini dress from the 1980's

Wool cardigan by Salvatore Ferragamo, skirt from Christian Dior from the 1980's, antique necklace from Belmacz Al Hamba.

Have you checked out the online store Atelier Mayer?
Vintage treasures from all over the world has been collected, to get sold on this site. It's like vintage heaven! Personaly I think e-bay is too much work, I mean I want to find something unique there, but to find it I have to go through loads of junk. That's not the case on Atelier Mayer, where the vintage finds are handpicked. It's not the cheapest place to shop, but for us poor people at least there's plenty of inspiration to find. They also have info on different designers, style icons and short videos from fashion personalities. Fun:)

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CHIC Sensibility... said...

I love the striped dress.

amalie said...

ive been there. its nice :)
you should check aout pretaportobello.com aswell,
not as much clothes but it has some nice stuff.
go vintage!

Alena said...

Like it ^^

Vintage Me New You said...

Vintage is priceless:)
perfect post!!!


Skumfidus said...

Veldig flotte!

grace said...

sickk post. history does repeat itself. id vote for harem pants as the best resurgence of 1970s glam. yay for high street fashions i guess!

what's your best vintage find??

Cassiopeia said...

Loving the first shoes and the antique necklace...