Friday, March 20, 2009

My vintage bag


So, Grace asked me about what's my best vintage buy. I must admit I'm not too good of a vintage shopper, and lately I've been thinking that I need to do something about that. But I used to buy more vintage when I was younger, it was a lot cheaper then , before everyone was obsessing with vintage. We even called it second hand...he he. Strictly speaking vintage is a term that can be used on items that are 25 years ore older, but nowadays we call everything thats a few seasons old vintage. Anyway, I bought this bag on a market 4 years ago, and I still use it a lot. My friends are probably sick of seeing it, I've used it so much. I love it though, and you'll probably continue seeing me with my black and metallic leather love. So, I guess I have to say this is my best vintage buy.

What about you guys, any vintage faves?


elsa said...

Boots are definitely my best vintage finds, I have a ton.. all so unique! I love this bag, it's really great, xx

klopesss said...

That bag is so gorgeous!No wonder you waer it a lot!I don't know which my fav vintage buy is but I really love a big bracelet from the 80's which I stole from my mom:)

Cassiopeia said...

Ooooh. It's very pretty! My 'best' vintage changes every week but I think it'll always be my white and gold porcelain pendant, though if one's not allowed jewellery, it'd be the brown tweed and velvet jaeger jacket that I liberated from my mother's closet and is in fact far older than me... Teehee.


Victoria C said...

cute bag! i love vintage, but often just can't be bothered with the hours it takes to find something good. i have a big collection of vintage dresses though that I'm pretty obsessed with

Elen Kristvik said...

hmmm, the best is probably a black clutch that I bought in NY. Which I can't find these days. I am living in chaos! Lol