Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dream outfit

Another place

For spring I want to look like a modern bedouin..

Telfar at ShopStyle

Click to get straight to shopstyle where you can check out the pieces up close.


oloni said...

Is this like polyvore.com?? seems real similar and cool I wa splayign with it this morning.

HEK said...

Hey, oloni:) Shopstyle is so much better that polyvore. Because on shopstyle you are dirctly linked to all the webshops, so you can find anything and buy it, ore just play with it and make looks. You can eks. write: fringed bag, and all fringed bags available (at leat from the good webshops) online apperas. Great huh? I've been shopstyling for a year, and it's a great place:)

Bibbi-Jeanette said...

åh, nydelig vest.

BSgirl said...

Love the girl picture. Sorry I didn't comment too much in your blog, I was making my own blog how I really wanted to be. I promise visit your blog more times.