Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just a song, that I like.

Røyksopp, "What else is there?"

Jeg har denne sangen på hjernen veldig mye.
Jeg liker virkelig stemningen på den.
Også synes jeg videoen er kul, elsker fargene, og elsker looken til sangeren.

I keep having this song on my mind a lot.
I really like the vibe on it.
And I think the video is cool, love the colors, and love the look on the singer.

This is Norwgian music, what do you think?


oloni said...

hah I like this Ive never actually heard Norwgian music before..

BTW I read your about me I think its cool you wanted to be a designer or work with in the industry.. I do too but I keep changing my mind from a deigner (I I actually make dresses) to being a journalist.. I hope you still have faith though


Dominica said...

have had it on my i-pod for soo long and it's still a very good song...
Fortunately we have a good radiostation here, called Studio Brussels and they are not afraid to promote special music like this ...

nice blog too !!
take care !
Do +++

Coltrane_lives said...

Being from the States, you'd think that our radio stations would tap into more European tunes like this one, but they don't. I too think the tune has a cool "vibe" and has a haunting melody that sticks. Merci for the listen and video...always enjoy checking out music around the globe. Though I'm more into jazz, I'm open to most music in general. BTW, like Oloni, I couldn't help but read a little of your bio. If designing and such are your passions, stick with them. You will achieve your dream if you want it badly enough. I dig music and writing and I couldn't live without either. Hang is there, get well, and don't give up on your dream. It will happen if you will it. Peace!