Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You can't get everything you want


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Tonight I just lost these two beauties in ebay auctions.. Blah.
The upper one is from Bottega Veneta and in my eyes it's just perfect. I've been craving a Bottega Veneta clutch for ever. Such an expensive brand tho.. So when I came across this pretty vintage piece on ebay yesterday I almost fell of my chair. Decided to stop bidding on the other one, which is from Fendi, also vintage, and go for the even better Bottega. After all I couldn't afford both of them.. And I was bidding on a Oscar de la Renta scarf as well allready, and I..ehem..just bought an Escada blouse yesterday..so I thought to myself that I shouldn't get gready.
Anyway..woke up this morning, threw myself over the computer and found out I lost it. And the scarf as well.
Annoyd the hell out of me. But that's how it is, you can't get everything you want.
(The search continues tho).

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Jorunn said...

Ååå,, Sånt er så plagsomt. Jeg har hatt det på akkurat samme måten med en veske tidligere... Ødelagte dagen min det, hehe...