Sunday, September 26, 2010



sky,heaven,clouds,summer,vacation,ferie,blå himmel,strå,fri,holiday,fred,peace,rest,pretty

kroatia,sea,ocean,havet,klart vann,clear,fresh,beach,turkist vann,water

Would you believe me if I told you this is all I've been doing the last week?
It's true.. :)
I haven't been on a computer, watched TV or even listended to music for a whole week.. Brought a couple of books, but didn't read them.. Not a single newspaper either. And I shut down my mobile so no one could reach me. No disturbances.
I was too occupied by listening to the sound of the waves. And that's how a holiday should be like, I think. Total relaxation.
So now, after soaking up D-vitamines, laying around with nothing but a bikini and salt water on my skin, I actually feel rested. It's the best thing in the world. And I wish that feeling for everyone.
Take time for yourself, and just enjoy life:)


Sunniva said...

Åh, det så deilig ut. Velfortjent! Smart å la seg selv lade opp skikkelig innimellom. :)

Cecilie said...

Helt nydelig, hørtes utrolig deilig ut. Skulle ønske jeg hadde en uke ferie til i år... Det får bli til våren, jeg tenker syden, sol og varme i påsken neste år mmm =)