Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New shoes


lita,jeffrey campbell,platform shoes,plattform sko,moteblogg,sko dilla

lita,jeffrey campbell,platform shoes,wooden heel,plattform sko

Just picked up these at the Post Office.
And I'm so happy about them! Preordered them in July, so I've been waiting for a while for them to arrive. Was kinda worried about the size, but they fit perfectly. They are pretty hazardous though. I was planning to wear them on my girl Cecilie's birthday party, but now that I've tried them, and walked a bit around the living room, I don't think they'd go well with wine..


Sunniva said...

Oh my good, sjaluuuu! De er grisekule. :)

Tusen takk for kommentaren på bloggen min! :)

Glamour Bbey. said...

I love them!

Georgina said...

These are amazing! Love them!



Mrs_L said...

Looks like they'll go best with a couch ;)
Amazing and gorgeous!

Ramona said...

Absolutely fierce!<3
xo Ra