Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pack light



I was so proud of myself when I for the first time actually managed to pack light this time.
You see, packing hasn't exactly been my strong side.. When I went to Israel in April I had about 10 kilos overweight, and no..I couldn't put it in my hand luggage, cause I already had my 8 kilos in there... Little did I know that I'd be wearing a spa bathing coat most of the time (I could have managed with some bikinis and a couple of small summery garments). And let me tell you, it wasn't fun to drag all of that around in the highly secured Tel Aviv airport where you actually have to lift your suitcase up on benches where they control every little thing you have brought. Like..every sock.
I swore to myself to never ever again bring too much when I travel.
So when we were off to Budapest I proudly and happily strolled through Gardermoen airport with the tinyest suitcase I've got, leaving only the tall shoes that I couldn't find room for in that small thing to bf. Good thing Hungary is very warm in June, cause I had only brought tiny stuff. I didn't feel too smart though, when I saw how little clothes I had when it hang there in the hotel room closet, but as it turned out it went
Moral of the story: Pack light. It might work.


Stace said...

haha I'm so bad at packing light!
gosh :(

those photos are gorgeous :)

Clara said...

You have a great blog!
i love it!

Sandra said...

Haha! Kjenner meg selv igjen der, uff... Og det verste er at jeg shopper alltid når jeg er i utlandet hehe... Jaja.

Håper du fremdeles har en fin ferie! Oslo er ikke verst det heller;)