Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bag searching


The Alexa. Not gonna happen.


Vintage from ebay. Pretty!
Expensive though.


Another one from ebay. And this one is cheap.
There's hope for a broke girl.

Actually, I think vintage leather sometimes looks better than new leather.
And why kill more animals when there's already so much leather out there?
I'm having a field day on ebay, there's so many cool vintage bags, and I often think "why isn't anyone bidding on these?". Many of them are really cheap. Oh well, I'm waiting for a couple to show up in the post, but they've taken quite some time so they're probably stuck in customs. In the mean time, I look for more;)


skeleta said...

have you tried I found some really beautiful vintage bags like that last time I searched for a new laptop bag.

Polliani said...

digger den..

Krimly said...

love the bags! I've one simmilar from Su-shi :)

btw, lovely blog!


Jorunn said...

Alexa er bare fantastisk.. Men som du skriver selv, not gonna happen.. jeg har ikke råd til å tenke tanken selv en gang...

Men alle veskene du hadde funnet fram her var kjempe flotte da.. Spesielt den siste!

Cecilie said...

AAh Alexa i den lille str. - Min drøm <3 Mange gode erstattere du har funnet =)