Monday, May 10, 2010



Today I got a little shopping done. You know how it feels, you come home tired and happy with lots of bags. That's true satisfaction I tell you, haha;)
Anyway, I'm so proud of myself, cause I only shopped practical. Casual and soft stuff, yum. And even better, I bought light colours, real summer clothes. Found plenty of black stuff that i kinda wanted, but have decided to stop with all the black and's spring and light colours are much needed.


balletslippers said...

Congratulations! I wish I could be as diciplined as you and buy more basics and less black ;)

Jorunn said...

Ser ut som du har kjøpt deg masse fint ;)

Dominica said...

love all thes blue-grey-sky tones ! Is that a scarf with the beads on it ?
It looks like an amazing fabric ...
PS do you know webshops in your country that sell fabrics that are to be recommended ?
thxs ! xx

Mia said...

Så deilig med litt basic klær!! =)