Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm in Israel





I already love this country!
We landed in the big city Tel Aviv and drove through green beautiful landscape, by Jerusalem and from there down in the desert. Down, down..and down some more. The final destinatin was the Dead Sea, 420 meters below sea level.
So I'm now on the lowest part on the planet, pretty cool.
I'm living in a spa hotel on the beach, getting treatments and just relaxing. The mission is to gain strenght and improve health. And also to check out this beautiful place.
I'll be here for 3 weeks, lovely.

I'll tell you more, and post more pics. But for now these are from my balcony and from the road through the desert. I havent't had time to take much pictures yet, but I can tell this place is full of motives. On Saturday I'm going to Jerusalem, can't wait!



beautiful pictures

Amber said...

Cool girl!
x amber

Snackapeek. said...

Hope you had fun in our little country. I looove Tel Aviv so much. Have a great trip:)))

Selma said...

wow cool! have a great time! xxx kizz xxx

Guruizzm said...


Jorunn said...

Nydelige bilder.... Jeg er så misunnelig her jeg sitter...

Cecilie said...

wow, så heldig du er =) Kos deg masse og ha et fint opphold. Jeg lengter etter å reise, dette så jo helt fantastisk ut!