Wednesday, March 24, 2010



I'm sorry I haven't updated the blog as often as usual lately.
And just as you know, I've heard you when you've asked me to do more outfit posts. And I will, I promise:)
These latest days haven't been too great, not bad either, I've just been very, very tired. It will go over of course, I just needed to sleep a lot and rest a bit. Today has been a bad day though. A terrible accident happened in Oslo. A train went wild , and 3 people were killed and several hurt. It all happened where my boyfriend Rob works, and thank god he wasn't hurt. Still the whole thing just made me sad, and stuff like that forces you to think about how easily everything can be over.
Sorry about the sad vibes. But all days can't be good days.
A reason to look forward to tomorrow:)


Benedicte said...

uff ja, leste det på vg nett! forferdelig! herlige bilder btw

Dominica said...

Big hug to you !!
We've had a similar accident a month ago and at least 18 people were killed too.
So sad : makes me wanna cry too.
But good vibes are coming your way as I will send them to you !
Looking forward to your next posts !