Sunday, March 7, 2010

New haircut

Ruby got her hair did. I thought you'd probably be interested to know;)
Short and blond, practical but also pretty chic, right?
It's kinda sunny and nice today, so we're heading out for a good walk by the sea. Fresh sea air, the best.
Enjoy your Sunday lovely people!


Christina said...

sååå søt :)

linda said...

OH! very sweet!
Enjoy you Sundeay too!!

Jorunn said...

Så søt!!! Hehe.. ;)

Dominica said...

the loveliest blonde I've ever seen !! She's so cute and the name is fabulous ! If my son had been a girl, Ruby was my number 1 fav name for a girl !! XX

Selma said...

aww what a cute dog! Great haircut. he looks like he's enjoying it!

Cecilie said...

Så fin =)