Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to wear your tights

Photo from Another Magazine

I just had a discussion the other day with some friends. They think I'm a bit strict when I say that tan coloured tights are for icedancers and old ladies, only. I like tights, but if bare legged is the look you are aiming for, then you should be bare legged. Those skin coloured tights will make your legs look..kinda old, and in worst cases tacky. In summer bare legs are hot, and when it's too cold I suggest black, lace or any type of colour, except the mentioned.
So I had to giggle a bit when I just saw that I had filed this pic under "Yum". Ok, so I admit..it can look cool when styled nicely. ;) (these are silk tights by the way, not like the ones we get on H&M..)
What do you think about the tights subject?


Anonymous said...

Tan coloured tights should be... burned. I absolutely hate them. It´s one of those things I never want to be caught dead wearing. If they are very light/more whitish and styled correctly it can work, but as a general rule I think they should never be worn!

Airam said...

Ah, I couldn't agree more with you! Tan coloured tights should be made to go away for ever. It's like wearing too dark foundation: everyone can see you're not really that brown, and faking it just look a hundred times worse.

I prefer tights over nothing simply because of the feel, but I always buy slightly-better-than-h&m-quality, and the sheerest ones I can find (Lindex has some amazing ones that don't have that horrible brown/orange tone, they just look like my skin, and I love them).

Conclusion: Yes to tights, but don't let anyone see that they're there ;)

linda said...

this is a very strange but fantastic idea!!
well.. i'll dress it!

Anonymous said...

It's that love or hate thing with this subject. Different strokes for different folks. For me? I am a ballet dancer and find the tanned tights to be amazing in the dance environment and when purchased from a dance gear website..and frankly, out of the dance environment the tights can be pretty awesome indeed(as you said, with the right styling).

They have these shimmery tan ones too..which are silky and glisten in the light. Could add the perfect dazzle to a night time outfit!

elif said...

i agree, i'm totally against tan coloured tights.. either go bare legs or other tights..

ingrid said...

veldig enig!!!! med mindre de er like lyse som huden, da kan det funke. men bruker dem aldri selv, liker best svarte.

Pennerad said...

skin-colored tights are a bit old fashioned. i hate restrictive hosiery unless it's for warmth in winter. i mean, they itch. bare legs are my preferred modus operandi.

Anonymous said...