Monday, March 1, 2010

Do you speak Italian?

Gucci and Pucci.
I must admit Milan Fashion Week isn't my favourite fashion week.. Italian fashion is.. uh.. it's just so far away from Scandinavian aesthethics as you can possibly get, I guess? And let's face it, I'm Norwegian. If I were a rockstar hanging out with Diddy on his yachts or something, I'd probably do Italian. I mean, Italian fashion is so glam. And with way too much skin showing. And when I say skin, I mean both human skin and other skins. Too much fur, too much bling, too much sex. That's just my personal taste of course. I'm a down to earth Scandinavian, and I don't speak Italian.
Always have to go through every show from every fashion week though. And with a couple exceptions, Milan didn't really make my heart pound.
What I do like is Gucci's one toned looks, with those gorgeous suede hiiigh boots. The coats are amazing, so chic. Also like Emilio Pucci's dramatic stuff. That blue gown is so dreamy, and I know for fall I'm all into that dark folklore thing. In common they both did some tailored pants, and I'm not a fan of flaired pants in general, but when they are executed as beautyfully as these, I'm all for it.


little shadow said...

I love the fact that you can make a legitimately justified opinion on Milan fashion week, without so much as grazing somebody else's otherwise alternate opinion.
Also, I love the way you edited the photos.
Great blog! x

linda said...

OH very very beautiful photos!
Italian fhasion is FANTASTIC.. I know (I'm italian!!)

Have a nice day my darling!

Tonje said...


Silje Silje said...

sv: Åh, gjorde du det? :) Hvilket forum da?

Nei, det funka desverre ikke for min del å reise til Israel. Ble dårligere allerede første uka, og alle sa at neida, det går over om en ukes tid. Så hadde de tre ukene gått og jeg var kjempedårlig, og slik fortsatte det i mange måneder. Så sånn gikk det. Men det har jo virka for andre, så krysser fingre og tær og alt som kan krysses for at du er en av dem!! :)

Var uansett digg å sole seg dagen lang og bli kjempebrun da ;)

Skal du reise med samme selskap som jeg gjorde?

ingrid said...

herregud jeg må ha den nest siste kjolen!!!!

sanjeet said...

beautiful photos!
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peoplewithaddiction said...

i love this show. nice photos.
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