Monday, February 8, 2010


I can seriously feel spring coming now. It's ten minus, but still I'm pretty sure it's on it's way.
I've made a maxi skirt, and it turned out pretty nice. Just a simple project. And I have severeal designs to sew these next weeks. Most of them are meant for spring, actually I think I need to get more light fabrics. I'll show you the skirt tomorrow, Rob (bf) has been ill, so I couldn't force him to take silly photographs if you know what I mean.
I'm actually starting the day with yoga class tomorrow morning, and's my birthday:D Rob just has to take me out to get some Indian or something, hehe, good thing I have a nice guy like that to feed me;) The party is on Saturday though, can't wait.
So..what I'm basically trying to say is, cool days are coming:)
And I hope those good, happy and shiny days are coming for you too this week.

Photographer unknown, if you know who it is, shout..


amalie said...

beautiful picture! can't wait for springg

Fashionberry said...

fantastisk bildet! Gleder meg sykt til sommer og sol, skal bli godt å kunne gå brabeint i blomsterenga igjen ;o)

Don't Be A Hero said...

happy birthday! again! :P

Ddays Of Our Lives said...

This picture is just wonderful