Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OFW: The opening

Fam Irvoll

Nina Jarebrink

Tina H


Elton & Jacobsen


Veronica B. Vallenes

Kristofer Kongshaug

Ok, so here's some of my catwalk pics from last night. These are from ss10 collections, so it's basically stuff that's hitting the stores right about now..or soon. I WANT the blue Nina Jarebrink maxi dress. Could use it every day of the summer I think.
Other than that I'm a fan of Tina H and Fam Irvoll. Both of them went to the same school as me, and they were amazing talents allready then. It's so fun to see how they evolve, inspiring hard working girls.
Saw some incredibly crappy stuff too..hehe. I'm not mentioning names. And I couldn't bear putting ugly pics on my blog. But I think I might have to do a fashion week gone wrong post, maybe.. Or maybe not, that's wouldn't be very nice would it..

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Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I love that unicorn-esque headband!