Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fam Irvoll

Saw Fam Irvoll's show last night, and as always it was crazy fun.
Fashion show and circus in one. And concert.
Before the show it was pretty insane, a lot of people and confusing seating, I think it took one hour to get everyone seated, and even then people were standing in the back. Fam has become very popular, and that's not surprising since her shows are like parties. Very colorfull parties:)
Fam has been known for making childrens clothes for grown ups, but this season she also made a small collection for kids. The small catwalk models were probably the highlight of the show, everyone thought they were supercute.


Check out Fam's site


Amber said...

so cool!
xoxo amber

trudemm said...

Morsom ide med ballongskjørtet! Litt upraktisk, men morsomt:)

thatsorad said...

How fun is that!!!!


konsumwahn said...

Fantastiske Fam! Nydelig. Skulle ønske jeg hadde vært der!

Nishant said...

nice fun

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lookbook said...

Her er bilder fra August visningen: