Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art inspiration: Theodor Kittelsen

It's so very grey outside today, and I'm pretty sick of it. So I'm just staying inside, daydreaming.

Looking at pictures by the famous Norwegian artist Theodor Kittelsen.
As a Norwegian it's impossible for me not to love his works, this is the sort of stuff that's in our hearts and souls. This is pictures I remember looking at when I was a child, through fairytales and mysterious stories. Remember when I was a kid we visited Hunderfossen where they have this enormous troll you can walk into, I was so scared and thrilled at the same time.
Coming to think of it I've actually even visited his home once, with my high school class. It was very pretty and ghost- like, with old wooden furniture and his incredible drawings framed on the walls.
Huge inspiritaion.


thatsorad said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!!!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

These are ravishing. I love the mysterious, spooky feel of ghost stories or something.

Theme T said...

Childhood nostalgia!
And the Asbjørnen og Moe`s fairytales are my all time favorite books!