Sunday, September 6, 2009

Poly + Sundsbø = Magic

Have i died and gone to some sort of black and scary 80's geisha heaven?!! In that case, this is where I want to be. For ever.

Magazine: Muse (September 2009)
Model: Natasha Poly
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø

pics from tfs


thatsorad said...

Dude, those are gnarly!!!How fun! I want that CC teeshirt!

Barbro Andersen said...

Amazing <3

pixelhazard said...

Oh that first pic is great! scary is right

Rosa said...

ooh, those pictures are cool!! :b
totally love the first one :)

Jowy said...

sigh..have no

One Love,

Maria said...

Oi så fint det 1ste var! mmm

Monique Lund said...

Kjempelekre bilder - kanonflink fotograf!

Utrolig fin blogg du har - det er første gangen innom her, men definitivt ikke den siste! :)