Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New hair, new diy

Cutting of something like 15 cm of my hair makes me feel just about 5 kilos lighter. I usually go darker for fall, but this time I listened to the hairdresser and went blond. Not sure if it's quite me, but that's ok cause I'm a person for change. In Norwegian we have this saying "forandring fryder", which means something like change is joyful. I love that saying, change is good:)

Bought some stretchy lace fabric and made these leggings. I'm sick of the ordinary black leggings, and the stores don't have any cool ones (that I can afford). So now I'm on a make leggings mission. I have tons of leggings ideas to put to life. I have tons of ideas for clothes to make in general, but sewing leggings are just easy enough not to cost me much energy. Easy and fun. If yu want to make your own leggings, the easyest way to do so is to cut open the seems on a old one that fits you, and use the pieces as apattern. That way you know it will fit you, and you don't have to use time on pattermaking.

I also made this scarf some time ago. Really easy too:) This is just my favourite silk fabric that I've sewn the edges by hand.

Wearing jacket and dress from H&M trend, shoes from Din Sko, and diy scarf and leggings.


Karoline said...

Nice diy on that scarf, and I love leggings like that.

Sophie's wardrobe said...

i love so much your outfit!

Kari said...

Herregud, jeg har lett etter litt løstsittende blondeleggings i en evighet nå! Må man virkelig lage de selv for å ha et par? Arrrgghh, skulle ønske jeg hadde dine evner! :)

Maren said...

Fargen kledde deg absolutt, nydelig! Og jeg beundrer syferdighetene, er håpløs selv, men blir jo faktisk inspirert. Maybe maybe someday klarer jeg det selv..

Barbro Andersen said...

Beautiful! You are so creative :)

Hippie Frou Frou said...

whoa, cool! you made the scarf & the leggings-so talented!

lovely hair color

jess s//

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"New hair, new diy"


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Ara said...

Takk for tipsene. :)

Dominica said...

This will be a good treatment for your hair, you'll see it will grow fast(er) again !