Monday, September 14, 2009

My style: Greyscale

Top to toe in jersey, I'm addicted to that soft fabric. Also addicted to grey, obviously.
Speaking of colours, I should have worn all red today. It's election day in Norway, and I don't exactly vote conservatively to put it like that. Don't think this blog is the best place to talk politics, but this is such an exciting day so I can't help myself. I'm very glad that we all have the right to vote, and instead of arguing about political views I think we should celebrate our differences.

Wearing a dress from H&M trend (worn backwords), blazer from Zara, tank from BikBok, tights from Lindex, shoes fromDin Sko and clutch from Gina Tricot.


Barbro Andersen said...

Loving the dress, backwards - I do that all the time too :) You look great in gray, it is such a versatile color!

Hippie Frou Frou said...


&& those boots with the buckles are super fabulous.

jess s//

Don't Be A Hero said...


I honestly love this more than I can say

also, I wish that more people understood that idea, it's such insanity over here, I can't imagine how anyone is going to get anything done when five years ago people were arrested at a Bush rally for the t-shirt they were wearing, but civilian attendees are allowed to bring assault rifles when Obama talks about healthcare. I mean, honestly, what the fuck?

sorry, rant over :P so how's the election go?

mimi said...

Snyggt !

HEK said...

Thanks for the comments:)

The election turned out well, and the country is safe for at least 4 more years;)

Marianne said...

Nice move med bakfram kjole! ;) Jeg også eeelsker jersey, komfort over alt!