Monday, September 21, 2009

My figurine for Anywho

The cool girls behind Anywho did a contest, where the readers were supposed to do a little styling set featuring a Monies necklace. Such a cool necklace it is, and it was even the price, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Did this drawing, and even though I was a bit late with my subission they were kind enough to post my sketch on their blog.

Oh, almost forgot: The figurine is wearing a Monies necklace, Ann Demeuelmeester ss 09 dress , cycleshorts and Rodarte ss 10 shoes.


AX80 said...

Rodarte make-up on the girl as well? Such a tribal feeling. Gotta love warrior ladies. Lol.

PS: I could be wrong but I think I spotted you on Streethearts?

HEK said...

You are totally right AX80, it's me on The Streethearts:)

And yeah, Rodarte inspired makeup, hehe, it is just too cool not to be copied;)

ingrid stasi said...

superfin, du er flink!

Theme T said...

du er veldig veldig flink! skulle gjerne hatt denne på veggen jeg!

patti said...

It is really good. You seriously do have skills. Just read about it on anywho :)