Friday, September 25, 2009

Collection I never forgot

Hussein Chalayan ss 2003.
I was completely obsessed with the holes, openings and circular lines in this collection.
It's a a few years ago, but some of these looks has been engraved in my memory. When I studied fashion design, Chalayan was one of the designers I admired the most. I was very facinated by avant garde designers, and this Chalayan collection was one of the things that opened my eyes that time. It shows a way of thinking outside the box, but still with simple undertones. For me it looks like it was all inspired by one single tank, but he has managed to get unique lines out of it. Sometimes when you're supposed to be creative, it's easy to get stuck in well known patterns. I think that to make something beautiful aren't the most difficult, but to make interesting things demands real skills. So now, six years later I still think that these holes are pretty inspiring.

Looking at old colletions are kinda fun, but the photos are unfortunatly often in bad quality..

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oloni said...

I want one now. .
theyre really cool. Never seen those kind of tops before.