Friday, July 24, 2009

My style: Moody





The last days have been so gray.. I really need the sun to come back, cause I have new and unused summer dresses just hanging in my closet wondering if I don't love them.
That said, I'd never miss the opportunity to dress dark.

Oh, and by the way.. My moody days might be coming to an end, cause I just realised it's almost the end of July, and in a few days my idol comes to Oslo!!!

I'm wearing jacket and dress from H&M trend, tee from Zara, diy tights, boots from Din Sko and bracelet from Dyrberg/ Kern.

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Barbro said...

Cool outfit =)

Clara said...

I love their pantyhose!
great look!

Glamour Bbey said...

I love the skirt!

xAZD said...

nice outfit! i like your shoes :)

linda-mari said...

Veldig kult antrekk:)

however you want to said...

u have such a great sense of style,girl!

yiqin; said...

You take your photos very well :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Very cool look. I hope some sunshine comes your way.

hannah said...

neat outfit, i'm digging those boots

Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

More More More!!!

Don't Be A Hero said...

epic post, I love all of this!