Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The couture shows




christian lacroixchristian lacroix
Christian Lacroix

chanelalexis mabille
Chanel. Alexis Mabille.

I just can't express how good it feels to look at beauty in the form of couture.
It's even better than eating chocolate. Actually, it's even better than shoe porn! Haha..
You've probably been drewling over the images from the shows too, but anyway, I just wanted to show you my personal faves. As said earlier, I loved the Givenchy collection. Though I'm not that kind of person who has only love for one designer (my heart is big, and I love plenty of them), I must admit that Givenchy is never difficult to look at.
Also, Christian Lacroix.. Always amazing. Have I told you that when I first discovered fashion, when I was only a kid, Lacroix was my favourite designer. Years later I must say that my first instincts were pretty good. ;)

Ahh, all of this makes me look forward to fall. Black, black, black. Bold shapes and luxurious fabrics. For fall I want lace, especially on my tights and leggings. I want that strict Givenchy hair and I might even wear heavy gold jewelry. I want interesting volumes, and did I mention black? Shiny black, matte black. Sparkling black and sheer black. And against all that darkness pale skin and grey weather. How dramatic.

I'm not the only one dreaming right? What do you think, any faves?

pictures by style.com


kirstyb said...

Fantastic pics and im loving the lace leggings xoxoxo

Damsels said...

that first givenchy look haunts my dreams

couture is heavenly

Don't Be A Hero said...

goooooooooooorgeous, I can't imagine my life with out that collection now :P

so how's the new bike? I'm totally expecting pics, by the way :D

Raez said...

swoon. loved this collection, something about teh black and the gold and the jewels makes me drool!

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling! Love Chanel!


Hippie, hippie - milkshake said...

elsker givenchy-kolleksjonen. både vårens og høstens...