Monday, June 15, 2009

Pink Panter

pink panter



pink panter



Hanging around in the east side of town. My boyfriend's taking pictures of me, and I'm taking pictures of everything else. Lets just say we're making the camera work for it's price. Eating Tandoori, renting cheap videos, walking around, taking it easy and looking at life. This is the part of town where you can't stress. Everyone walks slowly. The pubs are on every corner, and they never close. This is where you get the best vegetables. And if you need a sari, you'll go here. Ore cheap phone cards, ore a satelite...ore anything not typical Norwegian. The best indian food, and the brightest colours.
This is Grønland. My favourite part of town.

I'm wearing: Pink pants from H&M trend, tank from Gina Tricot, cardigan from Cubus, flats from Din Sko, belt from H&M, shades from Ray Ban and shopping bag from Swag.


Sara said...

Utrolig kule bilder Hilde! Awesome outfit !

HEK said...

Takk Sara:D

Damsels said...

yup bf are good forthe pics

love your pants and shoes!

We Were Damsels

Jack Daniel said...

Thanks for the link of the video. :)
I like the pictures, so colourful! Your bf is one lucky bastardo.

Yamila said...

OMG! I Love it!! this place It's amazing ! i like very much the first photo.

i would like to visit your country

(Your shoes: Wonderful!).

*** said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great pictures and blog.

Camilla said...

Kule bilder. liker fargen på buksa di:-)

Chri said...

Veldig glad i å tusle rundt på grønland selv :)

Maria said...

kjøpte meg en liknende bukse for en stund siden - tenkte jeg skulle gjøre den om til shorts da.

Pink pantere er kule! Du er kul :)

Alena said...

Liker stilen, utrolig godt :D

C.Chico said...

i love those pants!!! that color is great

ONiC said...

i'm in love with the colors.

Hilde Christina said...

Min kjære bror bor på Grønland, men kan ikke si jeg henger der mer enn jeg absolutt må.... Men yay til indisk mat :)

Anonymous said...

Elsker antrekket ditt, det er alltid fint aa se noen som faktisk setter pris paa gronland og alt det hr aa tilby :) Kjempe inspirerende blogg forresten!

Gracie said...

You have fantastic style.

Love Grace